ACM Enters Ethics Discussion for Generative AI

From the ACM Daily Update:

ACM’s global Technology Policy Council (TPC) released “Principles for the Development, Deployment, and Use of Generative AI Technologies” in response to innovations in generative artificial intelligence (AI) and their ramifications. The statement lists eight principles for cultivating fair, accurate, and advantageous decision-making for generative and all other AI. Principles applicable to generative AI include imposing limits and guidance on deployment and use; accounting for the technology’s structure and function in intellectual property law and regulation; personal control of data; and correctability of errors via public repositories provided by generative AI system developers. TPC’s Ravi Jain added, “We must also build a community of scientists, policymakers, and industry leaders who will work together in the public interest to understand the limits and risks of generative AI as well as its benefits.”

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