Supercomputing Around the World: A look at the Top500 as of 11/2020

With the release of the Nov 2020 Top500 list of supercomputers, it is time again to have a look at the distribution of supercomputers worldwide.

Notable new entries are:

  • #98: Toubkal, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University – African Supercomputing Centre, Marocco (3.1 PF, 71,232 Procs)
  • #85: Eagle II, PCSS Poznan, Poland (3.5 PF, 63,360 Procs)
  • #62: PARAM Siddhi-AI, Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), India (4.6 PF, 41664 Procs)
  • #10: Dammam-7, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia (22,4 PF, 672,520 Procs)
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